Team Infinity is a Need For Madness Multiplayer clan. Is has been now officially disbanded as

of 31st March 2012, with the succeeding clan known as Team Oranje Fénix.


The team back then, had 37 members, which was the biggest clan in NFMM at the time. The clan's aim was to be a peaceful one, to not get involved in wars with other clans.


Members List

Each box to the right indicates a strike. If s/he gets 3 strikes, s/he is kicked out.

Kitty (leader) [][][]

Mattman [][][]

Pineapple [][][]

Prayers [][][]

TheLunatic9 [][][]

MacOSX [][][]

plat99 [][][]

Loser(White) [][][]

flynn [][][]

stig [][][]

BOWSER [][][]

bewket [][][]

speedmaster [][][]

DarkFlameX [][][]

sonic ( in active member. )

theBlue@TI [][][]

srilanka [][][]

f687 [x][x][x] ( kicked! )

banangreat [][][]

pplloo [][][]

astro7459 [][][]

champion( or also know as TBITW ) [x][][]

radicalone1 [][][]

3334 [][][]

monsta [][][]

ichigo ( in active member )

theBest [][][]

AJ [][][]

Eric( aka McMonstaa ) [][][]

power [][][]

gare1234567 [][][]

imi [][][]

joi [][][]

alex [][][]

RBD17 [][][]

minecraft [][][]



None, due to the rules.


The team's website

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