The Brotherhood

The official crest for The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood was an NFMM clan which became official to NFMM on 21st May 2012. It was a new clan that revolves around the recreational basics of NFM (e.g. NFMM was made purely for enjoyment). Also the clan had less rules than most regular clans such as NFM Elites, Most Wanted, etc. That said, the members play NFM just for fun and abide by fewer laws.

It has now merged with The Phi.

Allies of The Brotherhood -

Team Atomic - This clan was The Brotherhood's biggest ally as 00012 (the leader) was a member of both clans.

Current members -

  • 00012 (Leader) - [1]

  • Jono000 (Co-Leader)
  • KyrigSGH

  • Bartek

  • 5433914631

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