• Mike458

    Hello everyone; been over a year since I posted a blog post. Because I'm now failing (getting Bs in 3 subjects which really isn't failing) school, I possibly won't be online as much as I used to. However, whenever I get the chance, I will come online and monitor the wiki to see how it's doing. If anyone wants to take over this site while I am inactive at random points in time, please send me or TheBusterZX and we will decide if you can become an admin or not.

    To become an admin, please fill out this template:

    User Name:

    Number of edits:

    References [who thinks that you qualify for admin status] and links (if any):

    Why do you think that you should be an admin?:

    Why do you want to become an admin yourself?:

    That is all.

    I'm a pony. Deal with it. 18:0…

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  • Mike458

    Now, all admins have heard of someone named thebuster-zx. He has made over 500 edits (unknown if all of them are good or not), some quality edits, and neutral speaking, just like the wiki would edit pages. On the flipside, he does have a somewhat poor reputation (No offense TBZX), poor grammar that has been slowly improving, and he does have good knowledge of Wiki Markup.

    Admins, please comment below if you want TBZX to be a permanant admin based on his actions the past three days, and overall editing and interactions, as well as what was stated above. Obviously, majority rules, and I will extend the deadline as necessary.

    The deadline has CLOSED. No more voting is allowed.

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  • Mike458


    April 15, 2012 by Mike458

    Hi guys! I have a announcement to make: Because no one signed up for the tourney, the tourney is CANCELLED. If you want me to extend the deadline, please leave a comment below! Thanks!

    April 30

    May 10

    June 22

    June 25

    June 30

    Anyone that wants to suggest a deadline, please leave a comment below!


    Thank you for your cooperation.

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  • Mike458

    Hi guys! I'm right now working on a Need For Madness Animorphs edtion! It isn't finished yet, and it won't be for a while. Right now, I have two Yeerk Pools finished, and am working on the construction site. Here's the details:

    Jake- Tornado Shark

    Marco- Kool Kat

    Cassie- Nimi

    Rachel- La Vita Crab

    Tobias- MAX Revenge

    (I am NOT including Ax as he will make the game "Broken".)

    All other cars are morphs with the exceptions:

    M A S H E E N- Taxxons

    EL KING- Hork Bajir

    Blade Ship (working on it)- Visser Three

    Sword of Justce- Human Controllers

    More cars will be added soon!

    As a substitute for the two hour time limit, I cut it down to only FIVE minutes. To morph, you'll need to drive through a fixing hoop with a car "statue" in front of it. The statue in front…

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  • Mike458

    Hello once again! This time I will be making an annual tourney! All players are invited (by approval), and the winner will have their user profile put into the spotlight! Good Luck!

    Mike458 (creator)

    R. Kurien


    The High Rider Specialist

    We need at least 16 players to begin! THE DEADLINE IS APRIL 10th, so sign up fast! We only have 32 slots!

    ALL of these races/wastes will be single-elimiation. This means if you lose, you are out of the tourney. The finals will be best of 3 races! Good Luck!

    Mike458 vs. (open slot)

    (open slot) vs. (open slot)

    (open slot) vs. (open slot)

    (open slot) vs. (open slot)

    (open slot) vs. (open slot)

    (open slot) vs. (open slot)

    (open slot) vs. (open slot)

    (open slot) vs. (open slot)

    R. Kuiren vs. (open slot)

    (open slot) vs. (op…

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