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An annoying argument between Formula 7 and Nimi

Mike458 February 20, 2012 User blog:Mike458

Hi guys! Because the presidential election is coming around (at least in the US), I decided to make a Petite Car election of my own, starring: Nimi and Formula 7! So now onto the argument...

Formula 7: Hiya! I'll show you today that I am better than Nimi!

Nimi: Not true.

Formula 7: Of course it is! First of all, I can race and smoke you! I also can evade better than you, and my stunts actually send me somewhere! Secondly...

Nimi: Woah Woah Woah! My stunts gain more power than you do! I can bounce higher than you, and I am more popular than you.

Formula 7: WHAT?! Show me evidence.

Nimi: Uh... That's a problem.

Formula 7: Then... SOMEONE CALL M A S H E E N, or Radical One! Or mainly BOTH!!!

Nimi: Oh God.


Formula 7: I have permission, I have a pass by President EL KING! (Pulls out pass)

Nimi: Uh... Oh dear, I'm dead.

Radical One: GET NIMI!!!

Nimi: AHHHH!!! (Dives onto a trapdoor, falls, Radical One and MASHEEN follow)

Soon after... The fire alarm goes off underneath the trapdoor.

Formula 7: Does this mean that I am Vice Presedent?

Nimi (already wasted): NO YOU ARE NOT!

Formula 7: Just an afternote: I can do Double-Deaths, and SURVIVE, rather than you, who cannot waste any car , even ME! MUAHAHAHAHA!

And so that declares Formula 7 Vice President over Nimi! Yay for F7!


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