Impersonators are just what their name says: they can put in a username similar to yours and therefore, they can steal your fame and either do one of two things, or in the worst case, both: 1. Make other players assume the impersonator is that player they are trying to impersonate, and receive their fame. 2. If they hate you, they can lose races and post mean stuff, and therefore, decrease your popularity.

Tips on how to find these people

First of all, mean chat and spamming is nearly all of the time impersonation. Censored bad language and spamming such as this:

1. Cursing

F*** you and more like that, (Removed due to bad language at discretion)

2. Name Impersonation

Book1 for example (real name)

Impersonators would use: Book 1, Book, and Boook1 as well.

3. Car Impersonation

Some impersonators (this is very rare) would use the same car as you, and do either 1. (in the intro) or 2. and help them, and hurt you very badly (your fame).

4. Spamming

This is the most common way of doing 2. This is an example of spamming (using SoandSo as an example)

SoandSo: .

SoandSo: .

etc. etc.

They will either get kicked out of the room or people will leave the room, so it is somewhat beneficial for this type of Impersonation to happen, but be prepared to take some of the blame. Most impersonators will blame it ALL on you, so start thinking on what you're going to say to the impersonator.

Tips on how to avoid these people

When you see an impersonator, do NOT yell "Impersonator in the room! Evacuate the room!" over and over again. Stay calm against them and also, don't race with them as well. Eventually, they will get bored and leave, not affecting you as much as if you were going to yell "Impersonator!" over and over again. As an afternote, do NOT leave the room as that would be very bad. The impersonator can do his/her dirty work in private, and it will magnify the damage done to your fame!

I hope this helped! Mike458 01:50, February 3, 2012 (UTC)

P.S. If you have seen impersonators or have been impersonated, please write your impersonators you have seen in the comments! Thanks!

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