Hello once again! This time I will be showing my NFMM ranks based on your skill in NFM, NFM2, and NFMM, both for racing, wasting, and overall performance.

Racing Ranks

Power Low, Peform Stunt!: Run your very first race. (I guarentee it won't go so well!)

Driver's Education: Win your first race.

The Underdog: Finish 3rd or better in a Multiplayer race with a Full Grid. (all 7 players starting)

Everyday Racer: Win a Full Grid Multiplayer race.

The Formidable: Win an NFMM race on stage 16 with a full grid, and take NO damage.

Toruney Qualifier: Join and qualify for an NFMM Tourney (tournament).

Tourney Champion: Win an NFMM tourney.

The Ultimate Racer: Beat ALL NFMM players on the List of prominent Need For Madness Players list in a Tourney (we may have one anually).

Legend: Beat ALL NFMM players on the List of prominent Need For Madness Players list in a Tourney, and complete a 24-hour race (Race for 24 hours straight like the 24 Hours of Le Mans), against 6 of the players on the list (your choice)

Note that you will need to attain the previous rank first before going on to the next!

Wasting Ranks

Kamikaze!: Waste your first car.

Ahniallation is Needed, NOW!: Waste all cars in a stage.

Official Waster: Waste your first car in NFMM.

Cannibal: Waste the same car that you are driving.

Embarrasment: Waste all cars in a full grid in NFMM.

Slay the Beast: Waste M A S H E E N in NFMM.

Master Waster: Waste the Big 3 with all cars.

The Ultimate Waster: Waste 6 M A S H E E N S in NFMM with a car of your choice (except the Big 3)

Overall Ranks

This is it! This is where the ranks really count!

Stone Ranks

Noob of the Year: Attain the "Power Low, Perform Stunt" rank and the "Kamikaze!" rank.

Roadkill: Attain the "Driver's Education" and the "Kamikaze!" ranks.

Jughead: Attain the "Driver's Education Badge" and the "Ahniallation is Needed, NOW!" ranks.

Bronze Ranks

Backseat Driver: Attain "The Underdog" and the "Official Waster Badge."

Private 1st Class: Complete a Challenge that has a difficulty of a 4/10 or more.

The Officer: Attain "The Cannibal" rank, and beat one NFM player on the List of prominent Need For Madness Players list.

Pit Fighter: Attain the "Everyday Racer" and the "Embarrasment" rank.

Silver Ranks

Road Warrior: Complete the "Got Away!" Challenge.

NFM Nation Renowned: Attain "The Formidable" and the "Tourney Qualifier" ranks.

Crowned Champion?: Attain the "Tourney Champion" rank.

The Fast, The Furious, + The Wasted: Waste a car in NFMM just as it is about to cross the finish line with a Midsize car.

Gold Ranks

Heavy-Duty-Player: Win 10 races in a row.

Crowned Waster: Attain ALL of the Wasting ranks.

Hall of Famer: Attain ALL of the Racing Ranks.

Roadwar General: Start a clan, and win 3 wars against 3 different Clans.

Radical One: Play for 5 hours in a row.

NFM addict: Play for 10 hours in a row.

TOO... MUCH... NFM!: Play for 20 hours in a row.

Final Ranks

Your a Superstar!: Attain Admin status on this Wiki.

The Adversary.: Become the #1 NFM player in the world.

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