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  • I live in Albania
  • I was born on June 4
  • My occupation is Need For Madness Multiplayer
  • I am Male
  • Nimi375

    HOLY SH******!!!!!!!

    December 28, 2011 by Nimi375

    Its not easy to complete stage 16 and 17 with Nimi.I beat those 2 stages and i will give some tips on how to do them with Nimi:

    [For Four Dimensional Vertigo]

    1.EXTREME skills.

    2.Do not get hit by ANY car.

    3.Avoid MASHEENS,EL KINGS and DR Monstaas blows.(Not easy though)

    4.Do not get hit by Radical One or Mighty Eight.

    5.As for Sword Of Justice,always go around the checkpoint(if SOJ is gonna smash you away from the checkpoint)

    6.Try to not crash into any Hazards.

    [For The Mad Party]

    1.Make INSTANT turns.

    2.Avoid the other cars.

    3.Keep your power to the MAX.

    4.If the Big 3 are there,do ANYTHING to dodge them.Or else your wasted.

    Hope these tips help you.

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  • Nimi375

    Its almost impossible to do stage 16 with and other car expect R1.But i will be giving tips to finish it with M8.Here:

    1.Keep your power at MAX.

    2.Point arrow at cars.

    3.Avoid DR Monstaas,EL KINGS and M A S H E E NS blows.

    4.Dont let any car hit you.

    5.Fix anytime you have atlast 80 damage or less nor more.

    6.NEVER get Bad Landings.

    7.In NFMM,avoid other players,as they are smarter than AIs.

    8.Do not get hit by Sword Of Justice.

    Hope these tips help you in the way of the game.[added SOJ pic for decoration]

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  • Nimi375

    WARNING:This is for Mighty Eight lovers/fans!

    Mighty Eights true power shows on stage 10 and 14.In stage 10,you have to constantly do forward loops.(of course)But,sometimes,you car will go backwars giving M8 an advantage to pass you.While in stage 14,M8 has the highest speed out of all,so watch out.Also in The Gun Run do NOT get in his way.Because he will send you flying.But if he sends you flying after you passed the Checkpoint and your going the right way,he will just help you.Why?Because he will give you a boost so you will have it easier to reach the finish.

    Thats all.Hope you liked it!

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  • Nimi375

    As the title says,i will be giving tips to avoid noobs.

    TIP 1:Change your name without telling anyone expect your best friend.

    TIP 2:If you dont want your friends to get crazed,tell them to change name.(I and RainBDash already did this)


    TIP 4:Tell the creator of the game to block them and you will not have anymore problems.

    Well,thats it.

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  • Nimi375

    Are you CRAZY?!?!?!?!?!!?

    December 22, 2011 by Nimi375

    In Need For Madness Multiplayer,ask everyone on the room to get MASHEEN,while you get Nimi.Chose the stage Mad Party and win it by taking NO damage.Of course,it is crazy,but its worth trying it.Also just you know:If you see some person Papertastic5,leave the room IMEDATLY!!!!!Why??Because he freaked me and RainBDash(my best friend)out.So,back to the blog.After the mad party,ask everyone to be EL KING,and select He Is Coming For You Next.It will be MUCH more difficult.Because EL KING has higher speed than MASHEEN.The other one is for you to do at last 5 Your a superstar!!stunts in Maximum Overfly.Oh and in the EL KING match and Maximum Overfly match,YOU HAVE TO USE NIMI!!!!!!And if you lie that you have done this achviment,your gonna PAY!!!…

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