Nimi NFM2(Epic! -L)
In Need For Madness Multiplayer,ask everyone on the room to get MASHEEN,while you get Nimi.Chose the stage Mad Party and win it by taking NO damage.Of course,it is crazy,but its worth trying it.Also just you know:If you see some person Papertastic5,leave the room IMEDATLY!!!!!Why??Because he freaked me and RainBDash(my best friend)out.So,back to the blog.After the mad party,ask everyone to be EL KING,and select He Is Coming For You Next.It will be MUCH more difficult.Because EL KING has higher speed than MASHEEN.The other one is for you to do at last 5 Your a superstar!!stunts in Maximum Overfly.Oh and in the EL KING match and Maximum Overfly match,YOU HAVE TO USE NIMI!!!!!!And if you lie that you have done this achviment,your gonna PAY!!!!!

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