Ok,this is a sequel of Rivarily Rumble,but it just has one EPIC battle to find out,who is the best stunter.Nimi Or Radical One,comparing their abilites and pros.(pros will be like this:pro 1 will be for Nimi,and then for R1)Also there will be only 4 pros,since im too lazy to do this thing :D

1.Nimis speed maybe low,but comapring his "mouse" stunting abilites he can make numerous Your a superstar!!stunts the EASIEST.Plus,Nimi bounces off ground after a stunt,letting him get advantage to do ONE more stunt.

2.Radical Ones speed is fast making him 3rd fastest of the game,but,Radical Ones stunts are AWESOME.Since Radical Ones body is more of like one of a limo,hes not very fast in stunts,but can perform awesome stunts easily.

3.Nims size is an advantage for stunting.Since hes so small,he will end up in the ground much more later than Radical One,so,he takes and advantage.

4.Radical One has some flying problems.The down arrow key + spacebar trick will result him flying like and airplane and almost never ending on ground.

So thats all.Leave a comment below to chose wich one will win this Stunting Battle.And do NOT chose wich car you like more,just chose on the comparing of the abilites.

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