Here are some tips that might help you in stage 7 of Need For Madness by using Formula 7.

1.EVERY time dodge the first ramp by entering the sides of it.Actaully entering the road before the Railings start.

2.Since Formula 7 can easily get wasted,always make sharp turns or before turning flee before Radical One,or other fast and strong cars chatch up with you.

3.At the part where there are the Spikes,NEVER go over them unless you have MAX Power,or else you will get heavy damage/wasted.ALWAYS go left or right,unless you have MAX Power.

4.Do NOT pass the Checkpoint next to the Regular Sand Ramp(you know,the sand ramp that is kinda like the Regular Ramp)unless you do not see any cars coming.If you do the oposite,you will get wasted if the car is Radical One,since not that he will do heavy damage to you,but will also crash you into the wall of the stage wasting you.

5.if you want to use the Wall-Sided Ramp at the beginning of the stage,always use Aerial Boost,since it will send you flying and will not make you fly over the first Checkpoint.It will just make you pass the Checkpoint letting you to also do a sharp turn,helping end the race faster.

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