aka Kurien/Killa (only when complicated)

  • I live in Some where unique around the world
  • My occupation is Student, soccer/tennis player
  • I am A simple car
  • R.Kurien

    Yello guys!

    Been a long time since I visited this. Ya' see, I was busy doing my studies because if I didn't get good marks then I would not be able to play this madness. It is a festive time here so I got a few days with me which I am gonna consume for this wikia. And thanks Bookbay for changing my name plate to green! (although I prefers Dark Blue). I have been playing miscrits lately a lot, it is one of my new fav. games. I also noticed that many of my friends don't come on NFMM now-a-days on 8-8:30 pm (GMT+5)! Related to NFM, I have been currently making a new NFM game which will not be out for download as I know that you guys would find it lame due to is backgrounds,accessories,etc.... And I have also been up to making a new Corvette St…

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  • R.Kurien

    Hi guys! This is R.Kurien with his 3rd blog post. Hope you enjoy! =D

    So this will be about my Top 5 cars. Each one of racing, wasting, tuned, hand made, and customized game cars.

    This is the ghost rider which I found on Facebook and is one of my cars now :P. Anyhow, back to the blog. It has a really good endurance and strength which is good for wasting. It is also good choice for racing at some point. It is much more like a M A S H E E N with the speed of La Vita Crab. It is also capable of doing a Trio ( Triple waste which I just did yesterday to MASHEEN, EL KING, La Vita Crab and unfortunately, myself. But I won). You can also see that there is one ghost on the right side XD.

    This, is the BMW 325 I 1989, hand made. Although I have to remove the…

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  • R.Kurien

    This is very necessary for unregistered users playing wars and for the leaders ( i.e. Phyrexian for NFM Elites, OwnageElite for Most Wanted, 00012 for Brotherhood + 1 more, Kitty for Team Orange Phoenix ( sorry if the spelling is wrong :P ), etc. As you see, there are many unregistered users in clans and they have only 5 games per day, use only game and can make the clan lose at times... So, it could help the UN - registered players if you have only 5 wars.. Or more like a Best-Of-5 war when there are UN - registered users. But when there are no registered users, you can do whatever you want. Also you should not use Custom Cars. But if you can agree to give your passes, it is O.K ( as I have SAFWANS account, used to have radicalone1's, POW…

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  • R.Kurien


    May 15, 2012 by R.Kurien

    OwnageElite LOL2 POWER radicalone1 phantom

    I do know some passes but still.....

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