Yello guys!

Been a long time since I visited this. Ya' see, I was busy doing my studies because if I didn't get good marks then I would not be able to play this madness. It is a festive time here so I got a few days with me which I am gonna consume for this wikia. And thanks Bookbay for changing my name plate to green! (although I prefers Dark Blue). I have been playing miscrits lately a lot, it is one of my new fav. games. I also noticed that many of my friends don't come on NFMM now-a-days on 8-8:30 pm (GMT+5)! Related to NFM, I have been currently making a new NFM game which will not be out for download as I know that you guys would find it lame due to is backgrounds,accessories,etc.... And I have also been up to making a new Corvette Stingray (Sideswipe from Transformers) because I thought of doing something new. I went today online to but there none of my friends.... Have they givven up? Please tell...


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