This is very necessary for unregistered users playing wars and for the leaders ( i.e. Phyrexian for NFM Elites, OwnageElite for Most Wanted, 00012 for Brotherhood + 1 more, Kitty for Team Orange Phoenix ( sorry if the spelling is wrong :P ), etc. As you see, there are many unregistered users in clans and they have only 5 games per day, use only game and can make the clan lose at times... So, it could help the UN - registered players if you have only 5 wars.. Or more like a Best-Of-5 war when there are UN - registered users. But when there are no registered users, you can do whatever you want. Also you should not use Custom Cars. But if you can agree to give your passes, it is O.K ( as I have SAFWANS account, used to have radicalone1's, POWER's, phantom's, audir8's and AudiR8's. Some of the hackers changed them though :'c ). And here are some pros./cons....... Ugh, I can't get the list of templates -.-

Anyways, this could be very helpfull and fair and fun for more players.

Ok, here is the template of Pros./Cons.....

Pros Cons
  • Easy to read, as this is a new blog post
  • Helpful
  • Can improve game-play
  • Makes a game fair
  • Agree please ;D
  • Not noticed by many, as most leaders are not here
  • Does not have full information and still needs editing
  • A little useless because of the above Cons.
  • Could make wars short :-/

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