• R8a8

    How to link a page

    September 5, 2012 by R8a8

    To link a page, simply insert square brackets twice like this: open square bracket ( [ ) twice and close square bracket ( ] ) twice.

    For example, if I want to link Article X, it would be like this: [Article X] (double square brackets as I had to show you how to link but not link the page) It would be like this: Article X.

    Sometimes, when you want to insert a link about the "Damage" page but have to change it to past tense/present perfect etc. or just simply change how to spell the word, e.g. (Cars get damaged when hitting hazards). There is the article "Damage" and but no "damaged". So, if I want to link to page damage, the solution would be: [damage|damaged] (no space needed) (double square brackets too as I had to show you how to link but …

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