For now i've made a Caninaro Paninaro Let's Fly! tips:

  • there's a glitch that makes EL KING go in circles around the ramp so you should not hit him or else he will come back to hunt you.

there's another way to fix however it is really hard after the 1st ramp in the track turn a little bit left ON the ramp then do a back flip and you might go through the hoop.

MASHEEN at The Stretch Tips:

1st try in the start to take the lead and smash how much cars as you can

And don't let cars pass you block they'r ways keep pressing Z and X (see Controls)

And do the M A S H E E N air boost trick by simply get a bad landing rgen after that go to a ramp and start with a Backloop then chenge by pressing random bottons if you will start the stunt with forword loop or rollspin it will not work (Stunts) hope it helped.

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