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  • I live in Panamá
  • I was born on November 19
  • I am MALE
  • RainBDash

    So hello "everypony" everybody here i am to tell you some trues about mighty 8 and radical 1. This two cars are the best for every stage since the the first to the last one but there is always people that use this cars for waste but they dont mind if they use them wasted are them here are some truths about each two:

    1. Radical 1 and Mighty 8 are faster than anyone but with a poor power saved Radical 1 65%(power saved) and Mighty 8 60%(power saved) for the ones who try to use them you better do good stunts like What the ..? and you are a super start stunt to maintain the power saved.
    2. Races like The Stretch, Gun Run and Four Dimentional Vertigo are the best stages for this two racers because they only race but in some point of the race if the Waste…
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  • RainBDash

    So hello again everyone here is RainBDash to tell you that if you like the nimi you should see this blog and inform about this little car that can beat everyone if you know how to control it.

    Here are some tips:

    1. Nimi is a good car to use in the beginning of this game becasue is fast and can do good stunts but you need to control it on the air or you are gonna make a stunt that i create and is: "Thanks but Fail" is the stunt when you make a bad landing so try to go and make this car a winner.
    2. If you are gonna race try to firnd out the best way to escape from the wastrs because if they see you they can waste you so try to find your way and try not to be wasted.
    3. The last thing if you gonna win with this car is to this: Last stages are the most di…
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  • RainBDash

    So to let you know EL KING and MASHEEN are the most strongers in the game... well they are so here i will show you how to use this cars on the stages.

    1. MASHEEN: is weak for the stunts but incredible on the DESTROCTION in some stages you better use the MASHEEN just like the Introductory Stage, THE MAD PARTY, ARRESTED BY THE MAN, THE GARDEN OF THE KING (Note: this one is the easiest stage if you use the MASHEEN because the other cars are gonna race and you are gonna waste) Diggers REVENGE is the most trickiest to use the MASHEEN. But there are stages that are awful when you are using the MASHEEN just like Ghost and Magic because if you race you are gonna be last and not gonna be first and the other is that if you can control the MASHEEN when y…
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  • RainBDash

    You know that in NFM2 is an Stage called the Stretch well for this one you need to find some cars to beat it you ususally us the Radical 1, Mighty 8 and Formula 7 but what happen if you sont want to use them anymore here are some tips to pass this stage without those cars

    TIP 1: First you need to find a car with a good Handling and Good Stunts form better options are: Tornado Shark, La Vita Crab, Nimi, Max Revenge, Kool Kart, Drifter X, High Rider( its Extremely Hard to control in the Air this is a second option when you wanna use it), Sword of Justice and Dr Monstaa. In the other hand therea re cars that are usually are to Waste but here you can use itthe first to the last you can use: Wow Caninaro, Lead Oxide, EL KING and MASHEEN(EXTREMEL…

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