So hello again everyone here is RainBDash
Nimi NFM2(Epic! -L)
to tell you that if you like the nimi you should see this blog and inform about this little car that can beat everyone if you know how to control it.

Here are some tips:

  1. Nimi is a good car to use in the beginning of this game becasue is fast and can do good stunts but you need to control it on the air or you are gonna make a stunt that i create and is: "Thanks but Fail" is the stunt when you make a bad landing so try to go and make this car a winner.
  2. If you are gonna race try to firnd out the best way to escape from the wastrs because if they see you they can waste you so try to find your way and try not to be wasted.
  3. The last thing if you gonna win with this car is to this: Last stages are the most difficulsts because in some reason this game makes the three wasters in the same stage and this stage is Four Dimentional Vertigo and THE MAD PARTY (but in the mad party they only put one or two but no the three of them that is luck in some ways) but anyway if you are gonna beat the final stages with the nimi find your way and try not to be wasted just like i am gonna show you in this video:thumb|500px|left I f you like this video and how to pass this game with the nimi post a comment and i will be glad if you like it see you later. BONK!!!! MAGGOTS!!!!

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