So hello "everypony" everybody here i am to tell you some trues about mighty 8 and radical 1. This two cars are the best for every stage since the the first to the last one but there is always people that use this cars for waste but they dont mind if they use them wasted are them here are some truths about each two:

  1. Radical 1 and Mighty 8 are faster than anyone but with a poor power saved Radical 1 65%(power saved) and Mighty 8 60%(power saved) for the ones who try to use them you better do good stunts like What the ..? and you are a super start stunt to maintain the power saved.
  2. Races like The Stretch, Gun Run and Four Dimentional Vertigo are the best stages for this two racers because they only race but in some point of the race if the Wasters are in this one specialy (Foru Dimentional Vertigo-Stage16) the wasters gonna get of the race and start campaing so you better run, run, RUN!!!!!!! for yur life becasue each one of them is gonna get you race and dont look behind because if you look behind you dont see wat is in front and BOOM!!! wasted.
  3. If you want o use them as a waster on the stage 17 the MAD PARTY you need to see the defense Radical 1 80% (defense) and Mighty 8 30% (defense) the better option in this one to use a racer as a waster is Radical 1 and if you got luck MASHEEN is not gonna appear in this Stage maybe EL KING or Dr MONSTAA but for some reason two of the three wasters appear and by the way MASHEEN is the other one your best option Snake Dance to avoid them and win the stage via a race and WIN.

So this is wat i got now if i got more ideas of how to complete this game i will be show them and post it on a video to.

and something that you need to know
Deal with it rainbow style by j brony-d4cwgad

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