So to let you know EL KING and MASHEEN are the most strongers in the game... well they are so here i will show you how to use this cars on the stages.

  1. MASHEEN: is weak for the stunts but incredible on the DESTROCTION in some stages you better use the MASHEEN just like the Introductory Stage, THE MAD PARTY, ARRESTED BY THE MAN, THE GARDEN OF THE KING (Note: this one is the easiest stage if you use the MASHEEN because the other cars are gonna race and you are gonna waste)
    Diggers REVENGE is the most trickiest to use the MASHEEN. But there are stages that are awful when you are using the MASHEEN just like Ghost and Magic because if you race you are gonna be last and not gonna be first and the other is that if you can control the MASHEEN when you are racing on the opposite side the other cars are go fleed and you are gonna lose and the other Stage that you can not use the MASHEEN ius the stage Four Dimentional Vertigo becasue is a long and crush stage that you better race because if you are MASHEEN the other cars are gonna run out of you so try to find wat is the best Place to use the MASHEEN.
  2. EL KING: is not to bad for the stunts adn not bad for racing but if you not know how to control this MONSTER you are screw so here are some stages the this car is good: Introductory Stage, Gareden of the King (note if you are EL KING and there is a MASHEEN or DR MONSTAA you are dead but ifthere are little cars only suit yourself and start wasting) THE STRETCH(is good because this car can make good stunts and can stay in first but look out if you are racing and Radical 1 and Mighty 8 are there they can win and let you lose) so the other stages that this car is awful and STUPID!!! are Ghost and Magic and Four Dimentional Vertigo(as i said on the MASHEEN this car is awful because you need to race and the other cars can fleed and you can lose so do not use this car on that stage) so try to find your way by using EL KING.

So here i go i place this blog to let you know wat is the best place to use this MONSTER so go ahead and try to find out. LATER i will put wat are the best place for the DR MONSTAA so comment BYE.



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