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    (random title here)

    March 21, 2014 by SundownMKII

    So, I've had a pretty spotty attendance record. However, I've thrown down $11 and gotten in on the premium features of NFMM, so yeah. My activity may or may not increase; I have to deal with the general things of life such as school and yardwork.

    Anyways, what have I missed so far, if anyone's even active other than the random anon contributer?

    Also, having the Adventure font for bold text and article links is really getting on my OCD, hard. Nyeeeeh.

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  • SundownMKII

    I was sitting on the homepage, and I was wondering: Just what exactly plays the music?

    To satisfty my curiosity, I broke out the Web Console. When I reloaded the page while checking the Web Console, I saw something pop up with a .ogg at the end. I know what .ogg files are, and those are music files. While I didn't find the exact block of HTML5/CSS that made it work, I did find the raw file. Interesting that it's uploaded as an image...

    Here's the link:

    (And yes, I misspelled the title. Darnit.)

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