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  • The-buster-ZX

    After pulling the plug of the comment section for the last 2 years (Because of spam attacks) I have decided to bring it back for everyone (besides unregistered users) to use again. I will be deleting old comments from 2012-2014 since they are no longer relevant to recent actions from those users. I'm being extremely careful about this choice since there were massive spam attacks and fights when this was activated, so if you see a potential fight or spam attack, please report it to me and I will handle it. I hope I won't have to handle any attacks, but if I have to, they will be contained. So comment on and enjoy your time on the NFM WIKI.


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  • The-buster-ZX

    New warning alert box

    September 6, 2013 by The-buster-ZX

    So, I decided to implement a warning box that will help us out and warn members when spam attacks are taking place. I will post them on the main page and it will show which stage of spam we are currently in. To admins who take the time to help, when a spam attack takes place and no other admin is online, please edit the message on the main page and set the warning bar to a setting that matches the amount of spam the wiki has recived. To explain more on how this to play out, I will show you what will the warning bar be like.

    This is the best stage and it means we haven't recived any spam for a long while and that means the wiki is currently clean and happy. This also means no problems have been happening and we don't have to worry about spam…

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  • The-buster-ZX

    Team Info and a note from the leader of this Clan

    NFM Epic Warriors qas a newly made team that started in late June that was created by The Buster ZX . I wanted to make this team not for just clan wars,but for people who are not on a team. Many people have joined the the team and I am really happy about that. The team has been doing really good right, ow nobody has left that team yet,but the only person who left and betrayed my team was 1337_Gamer. The team got really popular over the

    summer. If you want to watch are team practice ask me im in room5 ghostrider that is also the room we practice. Please remember, a clan war is on usually held friday and …

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  • The-buster-ZX

    For the past few months,I've been working on a brand new NFM version called Need For Madness 3. It is set to open in the summer time and will have tons of brand new to look forward to. I've been lately getting some help from my friends (mostly Behemoth) and i'm very suprised the amount of people who are willing to help me out (minus the members on aim games). If you have any suggestions,please tell me in the comment box.

    This is the first level,it's kinda like right after NFM 2's mad party race. The original name was hall of checkpoints now it is named Championship. The track is still in beta testing.

    If you already have NFM multiplayer or single player,you'll have to follow these steps.

    1. Click the download link for the game (coming soon)
    2. Allow t…

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  • The-buster-ZX

    Please note:This is not my idea,ao1 is on the advertising team on the Custom wiki forum and as of 2013 we will help out with other peoples creations if they are on the advertising team.

    The A01 Monster Truck Tournament Challenge!!

    First round starts at Saturday, January 19 at 05:00PM, Avenger 5/4. The first round ends at 10:00PM GMT + 8 (Malaysian time)

    This tournament will end at Sunday 1000PM

    Please fill up the entry form first.

    1. How long have you been playing NFMM?

    2. What is your special skill?

    3. Do you have your own truck?

    4. What is your NFMM nickname?

    5. How old are you?

    6. How often Will you be able to attend this tournament?

    If someone doesn't have an account, please use a DR Monstaa. If someone doesn't have a monster truck, you can use m…

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