I know there has been some problems going on the custom wiki and i am here to tell you what's going on. I took away Toa's admin status because i'm on making the better and geting more members. I knew if toa saw the history in the security,he wouldn't be a suprise. Mike,I got rid of your profile because you were asking if i told this or that. I just had to put you a side for a little while.I was never going to destroy the wiki because i made a promise to my self that is when i make friends,I never EVER betray them. I know I should of told you guys,but you guys were so busy planing on destroy the forum. I'm that i caused so much problems on here.

Chat box Meeting

Mike,Ownage and acvoong,toa wants a chat box meeting in the custom wiki. I have a plan to get more members on the forum. Please come as quick as you can. See you there......

~~The Buster ZX~~

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