So, I decided to implement a warning box that will help us out and warn members when spam attacks are taking place. I will post them on the main page and it will show which stage of spam we are currently in. To admins who take the time to help, when a spam attack takes place and no other admin is online, please edit the message on the main page and set the warning bar to a setting that matches the amount of spam the wiki has recived. To explain more on how this to play out, I will show you what will the warning bar be like.

Stage 5

This is the best stage and it means we haven't recived any spam for a long while and that means the wiki is currently clean and happy. This also means no problems have been happening and we don't have to worry about spam but if you see spam, it might be small so it will be easy to revert it.

Stage 4

In this stage, it's almost like stage 5 but a little bit of spam has happened but it will be a little easy to fix but a user may of spammed some articles.

Stage 3

Stage 3 is more advanced, either a user has spammed 4 or more articles or a small gang has spammed 4 or more articles and plan to spam more. Admin actions needs to take action and bring on the banhammer!!

Stage 2

This is when it's starting to get more serious, a gang is spamming 7 or more articles and spamming comments, this is when admin action gets a little more critical and need 3 admins to fix it.

Stage 1

Okay, when this stage comes, the wiki is currently jacked up and all admins need to defend the wiki from a spamming gang spamming the comments and articles and needs to ban them if they make new accounts, when you get a notification saying Code Red, read it and get ready to defend the wiki at all cost.

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