Recently,I joined this forum made by D3@7|-| \/\/@RR10R5. It's based on ShellShock live,NFM and Bad Eggs,originaly I got kicked from the site because I only posted a topic about my original clan NFM Epic Warriors. So I rejoined it because I knew my mistake and I wanted to fix that. I saw D3 was on the site in the chat and I wanted to talk to him for a minute. At first it seemed like D3 didn't want to talk to me.

Oh,what is it buster? -_- This was the time when I was trying to get members on the custom need for madness wiki forum because I didn't really have that much members on it.

I said Can you help me out with something?

He said Help with what?

So I told him about the Custom Need For Madness wiki and asked him if he could join it. I was amazed on how fast he agreed to join it because it normaly takes a while for people to think it over. So he made his account as the name xXxTnTxXx. A few days later when I was making the new aim games,I asked him if he could join there also and he joined there very quick. Later on,he was having problems with a widget on his forum that makes snow and he made me a admin on the forum for me to fix the problem but he was already done,I thought since he was finished he was going to get rid of my admin status but he didn't. It seems like he doesn't have a problem with me helping him out with the forum. Right now he is teaching me the ropes of ShellShock live because he invited me to there. Mostly I suck at it right now because I haven't been playing it for a year unlike NFMM. On shellshock,I'm starting to learn the game and how the multiplayer works because it's harder fighting other people then CPU players. When I'm not on shellshock,I'm trying to fix up the forum because D3 is editing it to make it look better. Since I'm the guy who mostly edits and stays on there tons of times,he made me the person of this month. I found that really nice that he did something like that. Him and me became really great friends and now I'm helping him out with his site and he is helping me out with shellshock live 2.

~~The Buster ZX~~

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