Please note:This is not my idea,ao1 is on the advertising team on the Custom wiki forum and as of 2013 we will help out with other peoples creations if they are on the advertising team.


The torney logo

The A01 Monster Truck Tournament Challenge!!

First round starts at Saturday, January 19 at 05:00PM, Avenger 5/4. The first round ends at 10:00PM GMT + 8 (Malaysian time)

This tournament will end at Sunday 1000PM

Please fill up the entry form first.

1. How long have you been playing NFMM?

2. What is your special skill?

3. Do you have your own truck?

4. What is your NFMM nickname?

5. How old are you?

6. How often Will you be able to attend this tournament?

If someone doesn't have an account, please use a DR Monstaa. If someone doesn't have a monster truck, you can use my Yeti.

And one important thing, no flaming.

There will be lots of challenges.

For the last day of the tournament, a bonus stage will be created.

There are gonna be 2 groups. The first group will be called Elite.

The Elite's colour will be black and white.

The second group will be called the Endeavour.

The Endeavour's colour will be Red and Blue.

Maximum number of people will be 10 in each group. Elite will be at Avenger 4 and Endeavour will be at Avenger 5.

Bring a camera, if it gets necessarily epic.

So, please, if anyone is interested, join it!


~ aliff01

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