The Vacuum Cleaner is the act of using another vehicle to rocket yourself forward at completely insane velocities, or, as a waster, deal massive damage to the victim. AIs tend to get themselves wasted from this tactic. This usually occurs at the start of a race when the faster vehicles are suctioned under the bigger wasters, such as EL KING.

Performing as a racerEdit

It is extremely easy to perform this. Get any low riding, fast, and weak car; Formula 7 is the best example. If a bigger vehicle such as Wow Caninaro spawns in front of you, you're in luck! Simply holding down the accelerator usually works, as your speed will send you into the rear bumper of the other car. You will sustain anywhere from 20-70% damage, depending on your vehicle of choice. Be careful! If there's a jump ahead, you will most likely fly off it and get Wasted off of a wall!

Performing as a wasterEdit

This isn't too difficult. Vehicles from the Big Three are optimal choices, but smaller vehicles like Wow Caninaro are sometimes capable of this. Simply max your Power, drive in front of the vehicle of choice, then brake or wait for them to catch up. When they contact you, they will launch forward, hopefully into a Hazard or a wall, and end up getting Wasted. You yourself may get launched into the air, but more often than not, your vehicle is sent to a dead stop.

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