This is a set of rules and guidelines for this wiki. Many are verbatim from Wikipedia and the Wikia home. If you have suggestions for additions or revisions, take it to the talk page and then wait for consensus among at least 3 editors.

Hard RulesEdit

  • 1. Copyrights must be respected. No copy-and-paste from third-party websites without permission. Exception: Where the license is specifically a redistributable one such as Wikia's Creative Commons, content may be taken. Copyrighted content will be deleted without notice.
  • 2. No harassing or public shaming of editors or others associated with the Wiki. Harassing or otherwise making another editor's presence an unpleasant experience harms the person and the wiki as a whole. The harrasser will recive a warning and if he/she does it again, he/she will recive a ban.
  • 3. No activities created for the sole purpose of disruption. This means no placing {{Speedydelete}} templates on random articles, or generally jumbling article content and organization.


  • 1. Please, take the time to use correct language conventions; it reflects badly on the editor community as a whole when an article contains content like "nimi sux hes sooo week he gotses Wastes All The TIMe and i also like monstaa". Also spell car and stage names correctly. Example" The WOW caninaro" is incorrect. It's Wow Caninaro.
  • 2. Please keep the material relevant to the article. That means no rambling on about how destructive Masheen is on the article about MAX Revenge, or about how you "epically wasted all six opponents in ten seconds with him". A section for stories can be created if demand justifies it.
  • 3. Please take formatting into account when making edits. For example, when adding an image, check to make sure it will not squish the text into a five-letter-wide margin at the left of the page. You can always use the "preview" button to preview your edit before saving it.