Wall-sided Ramp
Crash Ramp
The death wall!

Approximate Height

4 meters

Approximate Endpoint Angle


Model ID Number


Approximate Width

2890 units

Approximate Ground Length

2800 units

Difficulty to do a stunt off of

Very Hard (because getting on the ramp isn't easy!)

The Wall-sided Ramp (or Crash Ramp in Stage Maker) is one of the most dangerous track pieces in the game to use; its main ramp is a narrow space with two vertical walls on the sides. While hitting those walls deals only moderate to heavy damage, they provide a barrier against which the car can be crushed if being chased and can ultimately slow the player down while Racing. This is perhaps most noticeable in He Is Coming For You Next and The Garden Of The King. Though the walls may block enemies, the blocks themselves are only about slightly more than 1/3 of the ramp itself. If one is not careful, slow, or experienced enough, going into the ramp at high speeds (which is what is done for almost all ramps, to get maximum power output) will often run the risk of receiving moderate to heavy damage.

On a positive note, the ramp is generally smooth with a high angle, enough to allow for some serious air, and great stunts. Prolonged time in the air will allow enemies to catch up, however.

Strategies relatedEdit

There are many strategies that can be utilized from this ramp. Many can be used to trick the AI, others can be used to trick players. Examples are hiding behind the ramp, then appearing when the player is about to use the ramp. This forces the player to veer to the side, often ramming into the sides.

Other strategies include to Stall on the ramp, or Camp on the block sides of the ramp, waiting for a car to come for them. Then, the player must get out of the way and have the car that was chasing them accidently crash into the walls.



In Need For Madness 2.