When you open NFM, NFM2, or NFMM a warning sign comes up saying that this game is mad and that it will follow you. Also, if you're not cool the game won't follow the commands you input. It also notes that the game is highly addictive.

Warning Sign

The Warning Sign

It reads:

Warning! The following game maybe following you...

What? No! OK. The following game is really mad because unlike other games it does not try to obey or emulate any rules of physics correctly. In fact it was programmed on the bases of "If it looks and feels cool, then it's cool".

This leads to a very unique gameplay experience unlike anything before. This game is also a 3D-Cartoon art game; It's not a normal 3D game, so be prepared!

Because what you are about to experience is truly something close to stepping out of this world and into an alternate reality one.

What you are about to experience is a game called: Need For Madness

You could also disregard all the above if you want! (or not?)

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