Wasted is a term in Need For Madness, which occurs when a car's Damage bar is filled completely. The "wasted" car will immediately lose the stage, being one of the two ways to lose (the other is losing a race).

Overview Edit

A car is wasted when the car's Damage bar is full.


The Damage bar.

This of course can be overridden for longer play-time, provided that the player passes through the Fix Hoop.


A player about to enter a fix hoop.

These are some of the alternate terms to "Wasted":

  • Destroyed
  • Killed
  • Owned
  • Eliminated
  • Wrecked
  • Bursted into flames
  • Sent ablaze
  • Junked
  • Terminated
  • Pwned
  • Taken down
  • Defeated
  • Scrap metal
  • exploded into pieces
  • Knocked out
  • Rekt

Fixing after being WastedEdit


DR Monstaa being Wasted

A car may be revived after it is wasted via entering the fixing hoop. The process usually involves another player in pushing the said car into the Fix Hoop - either from recoil from the waste or simply being pushed in. This is said by most to be very lucky as it almost always requires other cars to perform it.

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