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Radical One wastes Formula 7.

Qleft Don't waste your time. Waste them instead!
- Coach Insano, Twisted Revenge
Wasting is one of the two ways to win a stage, the other being Racing

Wasting CarsEdit

It is strongly advised to take a fairly strong car with at least a decent powersave. Fitting that description are Wow Caninaro, Lead Oxide Sword of Justice, Radical One, and DR Monstaa. EL KING and M A S H E E N both have one of the worst top speeds in the game and it is hard to waste with them, but they are perhaps one of the best wasters in the game.

How to WasteEdit


DR Monstaa has good Endurance and Strength

To waste, you must become the last car operational, with all others being wasted. Obstacles may help you in this, as may large cars, though the latter will be difficult (or impossible) to waste later on. To waste a car, chase and/or drive into it, crashing into it over and over until it bursts into flames and you receive a message "You wasted [car name]!".


An example of a Doublewaste. Notice that two cars are being wasted at the same time.


Wasting can be easy or hard depending on the stage and who the player is up against. For example, races with short race distances or strong cars are more difficult. In some levels bully cars such as DR Monstaa, M A S H E E N, and EL KING can make wasting nearly impossible without being one of them yourself.

  • The player must keep their power at its best by performing Stunts. Low power makes the player more vulnerable to damage and less damage will be inflicted to other cars.
  • Take shortcuts across the track to catch up to faster cars. This is especially important when the you only have slow cars like EL KING and M A S H E E N.
  • If the damage meter is arond 70% or higher, it is important to fix your car as soon as possible before continuing to waste, otherwise you may end up getting wasted before you can waste all of the other cars.