The following is a series of basic questions. You will be accorded a car depending on your answers. Answer the multile choice question below. Your answer will redirect you to another question. Each answer you give determines one aspect of the car you will be given. When you reach an answer with a car, not a number, stop. That is your car!


What is your most desirable quality?

a. Top Speed: #2

b. Acceleration: #2

c. Handling: #2

d. Stunts: #4

e. Strength: #3


What is your preferred flair?

a. Evasion: #6

b. Style: #5

c. Performance: #6


If you had to choose one over the other of speed or strength, what you choose?

a. Speed: #7

b. Strength: #8

c. Versatility: Wow Caninaro


What type of stunt would prefer?

a. Short stunts: Nimi

b. Long, effective stunts: Radical One


What style of cars do you prefer?

a. Modern: #9

b. Old, antique cars: #12


Which one of following do you prefer?

a. Consistent speed: Radical One

b. Rapid, less consistent speed: #10


How would you describe yourself?

a. Statuesque Dr Monstaa

b. Graceful: #11


Do you prefer absolute strength, or strength with a smattering of speed?

a. Absolute strength: M A S H E E N

b. Combination: EL KING


What of the following is worse:

a. Grace, smoothness: Drifter X

b. Strength, endurance: MAX Revenge


In a potentially dangerous high-speed chase, which car would you think is most suitable:

a. Extremely fast, vulnerable: Formula 7

b. Quite fast, quite strong: Mighty Eight


How important is gracefulness to you?

a. Very: La Vita Crab

b. Somewhat: Sword of Justice

c. Not at all: High Rider


Which time period would produce a more fitting car for you?

a: 1930s: Lead Oxide

b: 1950s: #13


What, in your opinion, is better?

a. Confidence: Tornado Shark

b. Persistence: Kool Kat

You could leave your car in the comments below, as well as whether or how it differed from your favorite car.