What the...? is one of the few stunts that are mainly done for showing off purposes, and does not help out in a race. This stunt however is quite popular for both new players and old alike, as it is quite hard to achieve this stunt.


This stunt has the same command input as the other stunts, the problem is that this one must be spun Vertically, not Horizontally.

This can also be achevied by flying off a giant ramp, pulling off a set of foward loops by rollspins, then bouncing on the ground and pulling off another foward loop by rollspin, or spinning vertically in the air after bouncing.

Another good method is flying off a giant ramp with a good stunt car, using the Aerial Boost for a fraction of a second, and then holding Space + Up + Right.


This stunt can actually hit an enemy on the ground on some occasions, but cannot be used to catch up with an enemy. In fact, it slows the car down, making it inadvisable for racing.


While this can usually only be done on unoccasional events, like getting edge guarded, at least every car can be able to pull of stunts like these.

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