When In Danger Just Chill Out

Appears in

Stage 7(Need For Madness)

Boss Car

Radical One

Number of Laps


Main feature

The wall sided tracks are featured


Rap Various by Maxim

Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior

Some race. Some Waste

Preceded by

Paninaro, Caninaro, Let's Fly!

Followed by

The Fast & The Furious + The Radical

When In Danger, Just Chill Out is the seventh stage in the first Need for Madness.


It is specifically a wasting stage recommended for EL KING, since the player would've just unlocked that car after completing the previous one. Since this stage is a jumbled mash of Railings and other obstacles the AI will become very confused and very likely will they often waste themselves. Therefore, this is a fun level to play and watch!


Racing Edit

This is definitely the unrecommended way to win, as there are too many obstacles and the fact that Radical One is very fast. But if needed, MAX Revenge, La Vita Crab  or Lead Oxide are the player's best choices here.

At the start, it is advised to enter the road before the Railings by a small gap in between the Wall Sided Ramp and the Railings. Otherwise, perform the Aerial Boost off it.

As the cars given can easily get wasted, always make sharp turns to avoid Radical One and other Wasters.

At the part where there are the Spikes, unless the car chosen has a high stunting ability, never go over them (having MAX Power is accepted at some cases), or else gain heavy damage/get wasted. Veering to the left or right is a better choice.

Do not pass the Checkpoint next to the Large Sand Ramp if there are cars coming.


Using EL KING is the recommended vehicle to win as it is a stage specifically for him. Just pray that Radical One gets wasted while trying to fix as it is easy to waste with EL KING. When a car is hitting themselves with the railings just ram them into the rails and it will be a easy waste.

On the other hand the player could just sit there (or camp) and watch the action, as the cars usually waste themselves anyway and its funnier to do this with Wow Caninaro, as it is bouncy and can watch the action in mid air!

Don't worry if Radical One is trying to fix. It will usually go over the hoop.

Need For Madness Walkthrough - Level 7 -

Need For Madness Walkthrough - Level 7 -


  • Like Grapefruit Power, this was named something else in another verison of the game. In this version, the stage was called "All Will Crumble And Fall In The End".
  • The name "When in Danger, Just Chill Out" makes sense in a way, you've just completed 2 hard stages (He is Coming for you Next and Paninaro, Caninaro, Let's Fly!) as this stage is an a much easier stage.
  • This connection may explain the reason why this track and "Grapefruit Power" are exactly the same shape, but not the same size (they are both shaped like a J).
  • Possibly the reason for the stage's name is because it is possible to just sit back and watch the opponents waste themselves.
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