Winds is the soundtrack for Need For Madness 2. It appears in the twelth stage of the
game, Suddenly the King becomes Santa's Little Helper.


It was downloaded from and remixed by Omar Waly. In the downloadable version, it is available for viewing, though the files are in .MOD format.

Lyrics and EmotionEdit

Lyrics are not present in this stage, but it is made up for by the heavy tones that give you the "You beat me once, but I'm not done with you" feeling that fits MASHEEN quite well for this stage. It does indeed have windy sounds in it that just add to the paranoid atmosphere.


A soundtrack of the song can be found here:

Need For Madness Two Music - Stage 12 - "Winds"03:19

Need For Madness Two Music - Stage 12 - "Winds"

The orginal song can be heard and downloaded from here. Please note that it is not the exact song from the game. [1]

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